What Is Numerology?

what is numerologyNumerology is the study of the mystical and spiritual meanings of numbers. Much like Astrology, Numerology also uses your name and date of birth to give insight into your personality and soul purpose. Many people, myself included, have found Numerology to have as profound of an influence as Astrology.

I’ll leave it up to each reader to determine for him/herself if Numerology has any deeper meaning or not. It is fun to learn however, and you will likely find as you go through the various sections of this website that you discover some new things about yourself.

There are several systems of numerology practiced. For this website, I am focusing on Pythagorean Numerology because it is the simplest of the systems to learn. In all honesty, no form of Numerology is truly difficult.  Once you learn this; you may want to branch out and learn others.

Fortunately, there is a vast abundance of free numerology resources available with free numerology calculators that will allow you to calculate your numbers according to the different systems. If you view the resources page; you’ll find plenty of additional related items to enjoy.

Numerology primarily deals with the numbers 1 – 9 and master numbers (11, 22, etc.) that are calculated using your name converted to numerals and your full date of birth. Throughout this website; I will also explore the occurrence of repeating numbers and what those messages mean.

Many people have experienced the phenomenon of seeing repeating number sequences so often in their daily lives that it couldn’t be merely a coincidence. I have also had this experience throughout my life and so I will share how to go about discovering what your number sequences mean.

As you can see, the menus have the numbers divided into sections – those calculated using your date of birth and those calculated using your name.

For those whose names were changed due to adoption; I recommend doing a chart for both names – your birth name and your new name.  You’ll find that you resonate a lot with both. Each page will show you how to calculate a specific number and what that number means – so dig in and enjoy!Save