Numerology Challenge Numbers

numerology challenge numbersWhat are the Life Challenge Cycle Numbers?

There are 4 life challenge numbers.

  • The first challenge lasts from birth to approximately age 35.
  • The second challenge lasts from 35 to around 60.
  • The third challenge is the primary challenge – the one that you face throughout life.
  • The 4th challenge lasts from 60 until the end of life.

Your Challenge numbers speak of the things you have to work to grow through, tendencies and obstacles that will pop up during your life cycle. When faced with honesty these numbers can lend great insight into areas for self-improvement and personal growth

How to Calculate Your Challenge Cycle Numbers

The life challenge numbers are a series of 4 numbers which depict challenges to grow through at various phases of life as long as your “primary challenge” – something that will be with you throughout your life.

Start off by reducing the Month, Day, Year in that order. With challenges even master numbers are reduced to a single digit. Jan 18, 1969 would reduce to 1 (January), 9 (1 + 8 = 9), (1+9+6+9=25 reduce again 7) So our numbers are 1, 9, and 7 respectively.

  • First Challenge: Subract the month from the day our example would be 9 – 1 to get 8
  • Second Challenge: Subtract the day from the year: ex: 7 – 8 which would give you a 1 (there are no negative numbers in numerology so we change negative numbers to positive ones)
  • Third (Primary) Challenge: Subtract Challenge 1 from Challenge 2. 8 – 1 = 7
  • Fourth Challenge: Subtract the month from the year. ex: 7 – 1 = 6 so 6 would be the 4th challenge.

Meaning of Life Challenge Numbers

Challenge Number 0: The zero challenge number tends to indicate no one specific area or challenge being greater than others. It can also mean a sort of mixed bag when it comes to minor challenges, but these are all designed to help you find your strength. 0 challenges are more about developing one’s strengths and having confidence in your abilities – becoming more well rounded.

Challenge Number 1: The challenge with one is learning to exert your independence and speak out authentically. One people tend to struggle with the need for approval from others from which they base their own sense of self-worth. The challenge is to value oneself enough to be unique.

Challenge Number 2: People with this challenge struggle with balance emotionally. They take criticism very personally and struggle to assert themselves.

People with this challenge often shirk responsibility because they don’t want the pressure of others depending on them or because they are convinced that they can’t handle it. People with this challenge in full force tend to shrink back a lot.

Challenge Number 3: People with a 3 challenge number tend to have difficulty finishing what they start. They tend to multi-task in ways that are not effective and have many unfinished projects and goals that they struggle to reach.

3 people also tend to go on the defensive easily or “react” to situations rather than think them through. They have difficulty expressing themselves at times in ways that are healthy and productive.

Challenge Number 4: This challenge has a lot to do with procrastination and not working hard enough to reach one’s goals. Often this challenge can speak of going for the path of least resistance rather than really pushing your limits.

When the 4 is your challenge number you are being pushed to be more assertive and efficient in your work habits.

Challenge Number 5: The 5 as a challenge indicates a high degree of impulsiveness and reckless behavior. The 5 is the number for freedom and adventure, but as a challenge it can indicate a need to tone it down a bit and to attain some discipline and foresight.

Challenge Number 6: People with a six challenge struggle with perfectionism. They demand too much of themselves and often those around them. As a result they can come off as cynical, too authoritarian, and too critical.

People with this challenge need to learn to lighten up a bit, and unconditional love and acceptance of both self and others are their lessons.

Challenge Number 7: Unexpressed emotions, difficulty accepting concepts that defy “norms”, and being too overly analytical can be themes of the 7 challenge number. People with this challenge tend to be overly analytical, dismissing anything that does not coincide with their own sense of logic.

As a result, people with a 7 challenge are not as open minded or accepting of new experiences as they could or should be.

Challenge Number 8: Materialism above all else tends to be the theme of the 8 challenge number. People with this challenge give too much importance to material affairs and may rely upon social status and money to provide their sense of self-worth or value.

It can be tempting for people with this challenge to resort to less than scrupulous tactics in their business ventures and they need to work to better balance the material world with their spiritual side.

There is no 9 challenge number. When we calculate these numbers the largest reduction number in single digits is an 8.

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  • Hi there. I got 0 for my 2nd challenge & 1 for my first challenge. How do I figure out the 3rd primary challenge considering my answer would be a negative number?

    • That’s an incorrect answer… if you get a negative number it’s not zero. Per the example, simply remove the negative sign (mathematically speaking this is taking the absolute value)

  • Also, my 1st & fourth challenge both came out to be 1.

    • A zero challenge number means no particular challenge stands out at that time – that’s not to say you won’t face challenges in life, we all do, but you don’t have one that is prevalent. It is possible to have the same challenge number. If you got 1 more than one time, you are likely going to have that be a predominant issue for you to work on throughout your life. Thanks, Christin

  • Hello, I’ve been into numerology for a few years now and did my whole chart, and found all four of my challenge numbers to be 0. I’ve asked around and never been able to find an answer for what to make of that, than that my soul is old and almost done with its final cycle and therefore is giving me a free pass for this life, or that there is no one challenge my soul faces, but all at different times. I’ve found this all to be super helpful, but I’m still a bit confused at what to make of my challenges and how to approach them in regards to life. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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