Numerology Repeating Number Sequences

repeating numbers numerologyWhat do Repeating Number Sequences Mean?

Have you ever experienced a number or series of numbers appearing so often in your life you knew it was too much to be merely coincidence? Part of what piqued my interest in Numerology years ago was this very phenomenon in my own life.

Here I share what I experienced and what I have come to believe it means based on not only my experiences, but those of others as well.

Spiritual Number Messages

I remember as a child all the way up until my 27th year; I saw the number 27 everywhere. It would come up on license plates, receipts, the digital clock. It was my bus number in high school.

Everywhere I turned there it was for years. I thought for a long time I must be “crazy” or there must be some “logical” explanation for it. Eventually, I just went with it and when I saw it would say “thank you universe”.

As it turned out, my 27th year on this planet was one of my most expansive. That was the year I went through an experience known as Kundalini Awakening. For those unfamiliar with that term, it means a rapid spiritual awakening where all the chakras come alive with dormant spiritual energy that lies at the base of the spine. The experience is exhilarating, frightening, and extremely profound.

For me it greatly enhanced my psychic abilities and my need to better understand the purpose of life. I began to be able to clearly hear my guides and work with them actively to pursue my writing and other work.

It was a life altering experience – a radical change and I believe that those “27’s” I saw all my life until that year were a sign from the universe.  A form of communication to help me awaken that part of my consciousness, but also to somehow reassure me.  My formative years were also full of challenges and struggle.

After that year, the numbers I saw repetitively changed and I began to see the master numbers 44, 55, 77 everywhere. There is more information on those numbers on the Master Numbers pages. I also began to see 57 frequently. Seeing the numbers all the time began to make me question their meanings and thus began my interest and research into Numerology.

One thing I came to learn about the repeat number sequences is that the meanings will vary a bit for each individual and how they perceive them. For me, I go with the overall meaning of each number – the general characteristics and put them together.

So for my 57 number for example it would be 5 and 7. 5 is a number of adventure and breaking free from boundaries, exploration. 7 is a number of seeking truth, introspection, and deeper spirituality. These two together of course tied in very nicely with what I was experiencing at the moment.

If you see number sequences; I would suggest you start by focusing on the general numeric influences which are listed here: Number Meanings

Consider the individual digits and meditate on their meanings and see if that doesn’t help you to better understand the messages you are receiving. I would love to hear about your experiences with this phenomenon 🙂 There is a comment box below.

So… how about you? Have you seen repetitive numbers? What do they mean to you?