General Number Meanings

numerology general number meaningsThe Symbolic Meaning of Numbers

What follows are the general interpretations and influences that surround the different numbers and master numbers. Numbers often play an important role in our daily lives and many people report seeing number patterns or the same number with uncanny frequency.

I also have a page dedicated to repeat numbers and number sequences to share a bit about why this happens and what their appearance means.

The following number definitions are a general overall look at that particular number. To learn more about Numerology, look at the various number titles on the menus. Each section will tell you how to specifically calculate that number and provide you with its meaning.

Number 0: Although not specifically used when calculating numerology, in general it means the void, the place of infinity or the alpha/omega, both the beginning and end.  It’s the source of everything.

Number 1: The number one symbolizes individualism, independence and valuing oneself. One is also the number of the absolute beginning stages of a process – the thought/ideas phase which leads to manifesting later on.

Number 2: Two speaks of the power of choice, decision making and often being at a crossroads and having to choose a path. Two is also a number of harmony and cooperation with others – teamwork.

Number 3: Three speaks of expression and creativity and calls us to share our self with the world in meaningful ways. Three tends to represent success in gaining the support of others through effective communication.

Number 4: Four is the number of hard work, practicality, and following rules or established guidelines. Four speaks of a period of hard work being necessary and the need for persistence and patience on one’s path.

Number 5: Five is the number of adventure, motion, moving in new directions with an adventurous spirit. Five speaks of an expansion of consciousness and ability to embrace life more fully. Unpredictable and sometimes unstable – but always an adventure!

Number 6: This is the number that is all about family, service to others, and a strong sense of duty. Six tends to be more conventional by nature and has a strong need to be needed.

Number 7: Seven is the number of solitude and introspection – wisdom gained through observation and deep questioning. Seven is the number of seeking truth and wisdom.

Number 8: Eight is the number of financial success, reaching goals, ambition and exercising personal power. Sometimes with the number eight success is born at the expense of personal obligations or responsibilities. Winning at all costs – determination that is relentless.

Number 9: Nine is the number of the compassionate humanitarian. Idealistic and dreamy the nine speaks of higher vision and purpose. Resourceful, independent, and devoted.

Double digits like 11, 22, 33, and 44 are considered Master Numbers and they are of greater significance and are therefore not reduced in numerology.

You may find that you see master numbers come up around specific life lessons – many people report seeing 11:11 or 444 etc. Be sure to check out the sections on Master Numbers & repeating number sequences for greater insight into those number meanings.