Life Path Number

life path numberWhat is the Life Path Number?

The life path number is the most significant number in your numerology profile. It determines your destiny and tells you about the unique talents and skills you bring to the world.

Your life path gives a big clue into what you can accomplish while you are here.

How to Calculate Life Path Numbers

Your Life Path is calculated using your full birth date. November 15, 1980 would be 1 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 26.

The 26 is then reduced 2 + 6 = 8.

Therefore this birthday would produce the life path number 8. Your numbers should continue to be broken down until you get a single digit. The only numbers not reduced are master numbers 11, 22 etc.

Meaning of Life Path Numbers

Life Path Number 1: Strong and determined individuals carry this life path number. They are often leaders in business and have great personal ambition. They are motivated by personal success and competition.

Highly independent by nature – the person with the 1 life path is often very innovative and creative in their thinking. Highly analytical and very sharp they are natural problem solvers. They are great at getting things started.

Life Path Number 2: People with life path two love to find and maintain balance. They are natural peacemakers and tend to be drawn towards service to others. Often they are too self-sacrificing and struggle to find balance in life when it comes to valuing themselves as much as others.

People with this life path number tend to be somewhat reserved and quiet. They have excellent listening skills and tend to be very drawn to music.

Life Path Number 3: This is the life path number of creative people who are very expressive and unique. They are skilled communicators, naturally charming and attractive to others they know how to convey ideas.

3 people tend to be very optimistic and hopeful people who encourage that nourish that quality in others. They tend to be very energetic and busy – to the point they may wear themselves out.

Life Path Number 4: This is the life path number of the pragmatic organizer. The one who builds, constructs, works hard and who is very diligent and persistent in his efforts. People with this life path are considered “practical” and down to earth.

Many workaholic types have the 4 as a life path number. People with this life path tend to prefer to follow established rules and believe in order. They don’t tend to like surprises and are rather meticulous.

Life Path Number 5: Those with a 5 life path are gregarious, fun-loving people who love to be surrounded by others. The five life path is a bit free-spirited and enjoys adventure, travel, and diversity. People with this life path often thrive in careers that involve travel or working abroad.

They do not do well in office settings or any place that limits their freedom and creative expression. People with this life path sometimes have difficulty with discipline or finishing what they start.

Life Path Number 6: Those with a life path of 6 are hard workers, tend to have a variety of skills and interests and are very “direct” in their approach. Sometimes prone to being too hard on themselves, they will push themselves to their limits.

Six people are typically very organized and efficient and dislike waste – whether it be wasted time or resources. Those with this life path are sometimes seen as strict or sharp, but in actuality, they do have the best interests of others at heart and love to see people reach their potential.

People with this life path make good personal trainers, drill instructors, etc. because they can push others to their personal limits in ways that are both compassionate and motivating.

Life Path Number 7: Seven is the life path number of the Seeker. People with this life path number are drawn to the bigger mysteries in life and are always looking for a larger purpose behind their circumstances.

7 people are often psychic or extremely intuitive by nature with an innate ability to see to the heart and soul of others and situations. Seven people tend to love people, but are also very independent, requiring a great deal of solitary time to recharge their batteries.

Seven people can be prone to being slow movers and procrastinators and need to work to keep their motivation levels up.

Life Path Number 8: Eight is the life path of the natural or born leader. These are people who are often very good at business and attracting wealth and favors.

Eight people are often visionaries and capable of great things because they can also do the hard work required to make their visions a reality. Eight people are very capable and inspiring leaders and people are compelled to follow their lead or be left behind.

Eight’s do better when they don’t let their ambitions get the better of their compassionate side – doing so can lead to greed and accumulation of wealth for less noble reasons.

Life Path Number 9: Life path 9 is the life path of the humanitarian. A natural born leader by nature, you are compelled to lead and to serve. Your high ideals give you a strong desire to improve the lives of others.

You are innovative, visionary, and good at implementing new concepts and ideas. People with this life path sometimes struggle with disappointment when they can’t live up to their high ideals.

There is a need to learn to accept themselves more because when they do they are capable of great things.

Life Path Number 11: Those with this life path number are extremely intuitive and feel a strong connection with others, sometimes to the point that it overwhelms their emotions.

11 People are very visionary and tend to be great thinkers. Solutions to problems seem to come to them with very little effort and sometimes they don’t understand how gifted they are at seeing what is “hidden” or elusive to others.

Life Path Number 22: The strongest of the life path numbers the 22 carries great potential, but also great weight and responsibility. This card represents those who can be master builders and visionaries, who can rally around a cause and bring people together for the common good.

Those with this life path often face weighty decisions at several points in their life where they must embrace the crossroads with confidence and make a choice. Those who are not fully in tune with this higher vibration may find they struggle with choice in life and must work to take the path that challenges them over the path of least resistance.

22 life path people who push themselves and embrace change can life truly astounding creative lives.

Life Path 33: This is a very rare life path and people with this life path are typically called to great service. They have a natural love of people and great creative/communicative strengths.

People with this life path are highly altruistic and are able to make a great impact on the world through their great vision and compassion for humanity.