Numerology Hidden Passion Number Meanings

numerology hidden passion numberWhat is the Hidden Passion Number?

Your hidden passion numbers give insight into your greatest natural talents, strengths and motivations. They are strengths that are readily available to you, that you can easily develop and use throughout your life.

The primary trait is the number that appears the most often, however secondary traits can also be quite strong. So for instance if you had 5 5’s and 4 1’s then the five would be the Hidden Passion number for you, but 1 would be a close second. You would likely embody many of those talents and traits as well.

How to Calculate Your Hidden Passion Number

Your hidden passion number is found by using your full birth name. Convert all the letters to numbers. The number that occurs the most frequently is your hidden passion number.

numerology letter to number conversion chart

Example: Jane Doe
Jane = 1 1 5 5
Doe = 4 6 5

In Jane’s case the 5 appears most often so that is her hidden passion number.(If you have a middle name be sure to include it)

Meaning of Your Hidden Passion Number

Hidden Passion Number 1: This person is driven by a strong individualism and need to stand out in the crowd and get noticed. Ambitious and motivated those with this hidden passion number are natural leaders.

Hidden Passion Number 2: Two people are natural peace makers and negotiators who strive to create harmony in the family, workplace, and wherever they may go. People naturally gravitate to you because they feel a strong innate sense of trust. You are patient and persistent. Two people are naturally inclined towards music and the arts.

Hidden Passion Number 3: The 3 person is a natural born entertainer who is very social. You have a natural charm with is alluring to others. 3 people are naturally gifted creatively and are often multi-talented in various forms of art, music, writing etc.

Hidden Passion Number 4: 4 people are extremely diligent, determined hard workers and for this reason they are capable of building great successes from the ground up. Practical, disciplined, and seen as a great provider or support system to others. You are “the rock” of your family/group. 4 people are very organized and efficient and and need a sense of order in their lives.

Hidden Passion Number 5: Five is the number of those who love adventure and new experiences. People with this number love to indulge the senses and are natural communicators. Many are drawn to writing and other forms of communication. People with this number can be prone to being a bit too impulsive at times and need to work to cultivate self-discipline. Five people thrive on change in life and often struggle when the feel they have to “choose one” path.

Hidden Passion Number 6: Six people have a natural call to service and are often healers, counselors, teachers, etc. Responsible and self-sacrificing six people have an inner need to be recognized and valued by others in order to feel a strong sense of self-worth.

Hidden Passion Number 7: Seven people are naturally intuitive and highly intelligent. They are the thinkers who seek the deeper meanings behind experience and are often drawn to philosophy, metaphysics, psychology and any area that explores the subconscious or hidden truths. Seven people are often sought out for their insight and keen understanding.

Hidden Passion Number 8: Eight people are natural salesmen and business people. They have an innate drive that pushes them to accomplish great things. The right blend of vision and ambition, people with an 8 passion are driven by material success and the need to compete with themselves and others. No other number is as energetic and motivated by winning/reaching goals.

Hidden Passion Number 9: 9 people are visionaries with a deep sense of humanitarianism. They have lofty ideals and strive to make their communities and even the world a better place. Highly emotional and idealistic, it can be difficult for 9’s to bring their ideas down to earth in a more practical way. 9’s see the future and have great vision and need to surround themselves with those who can help them actually manifest these goals/dreams.