Numerology the Cornerstone and Capstone

numerology cornerstone and capstoneWhat your Cornerstone Means

The cornerstone is the first letter of your first name and it gives some additional insights into how you approach challenges in life and how you master situations.

What your Capstone Means

The Capstone is the last letter of your first name. It gives insight into how you make transitions in your life, how you finish projects or move from one thing into another.

Letter Meanings Defined

A: You display originality and a strong sense of leadership and individualism with the letter A as your cornerstone. People with this cornerstone are very active and assertive towards reaching their goals. Confidence.

B: You are highly adaptive and cooperative, making a great team member who is reliable and trustworthy. You strive for balance and harmony.

C: You are creative, highly expressive, and love attention. C people are compelled to reach out to others and interact in meaningful ways.

D: You are a good planner, practical, down to earth and prefer structure over chaos. You are persistent and diligent in your efforts which ultimately leads to some degree of success.

E: You are open to life and very flexible, embracing the wisdom in all experience. Deeply emotional with excellent communication skills.

F: You are balanced, organized, and strive for harmony in all things. You are a great friend and good listener who makes others feel valued.

G: You are an independent person with a strong work ethic. You have strong focus, determination, and are very self-reliant.

H: You are tenacious, hard working and competitive. Your love of winning and competition give you a natural edge in business.

I: You have a strong idealism and strong sense of self. You know exactly what you hope to accomplish and don’t adapt well to changes in plans.

J: You are motivated and self-confident. You prefer to take action over sitting back and show great initiative. Sometimes there is a tendency towards impulsive behavior.

K: You are strong willed and emotional. You are also able to pick up on subtle insights that others often miss and are very perceptive.

L: You have strong social skills and are naturally attractive to others. Easy going and appreciative of the simple things in life.

M: You are considered practical and hard working – a problem solver who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. M people are quite independent, but can still work well with others when necessary.

N: You are very social and well-liked by others. N people are popular and enjoy adventure and change in life. You may find you bore easily and need variety to stay motivated.

O: You are disciplined and motivated. You love to learn and are very knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. You are someone who learns easily and may find that you are “self-taught” in many areas.

P: Your focus is on self-knowledge and seeking wisdom. You are focused on spiritual and personal growth and are likely drawn to philosophy, self-help subjects, and the metaphysical.

Q: You have a keen intuition and innate ability to sense the strengths and weaknesses in others which makes you very strong in business or sales.

R: You have a wide range of interests, are confident, and independent with a strong desire to be successful in life.

S: You are a charming and charismatic person with a strong business sense. You are deeply passionate and are sometimes prone to acting on impulse.

T: You are highly sensitive and emotional which gives your life complexity and depth, but it can also result in your sometimes being hurt too easily.

U: You are smart, creative, and naturally attractive to others. You have the propensity for epic success and failure and may find you experience a variety of extremes in your life.

V: Your vivid imagination leads you to great plans and discoveries. You are a rugged individualist who expresses yourself uniquely. Sometimes you are prone to flights of fancy and may lack needed objectivity.

W: You are a charismatic, people person who thrives on variety in life and in your career. You are very expressive and have a strong sense of higher purpose.

X: You are creative and passionate in all you do and have a tendency towards strong desires that can make moderating behaviors more challenging for you. Truly unique and deeply in tune to your emotions, you experience richness in all life’s experiences.

Y: You are a freedom loving person who does not accept limitations or allow anything to hold you back. You are ambitious and independent with a keen intuition.

Z: You are an optimist who has great vision, but are able to balance that with rational thought and objectivity. Your compassion and kindness are like a magnet to others.