Birthday Number

What is the Birthday Number?

The Birthday number gives some additional insight into a few areas. It is an expression of your personality and can give insight into how you tend to come across to others. It can also point to an innate or natural talent or skill set you are able to develop and utilize on your life path.

How to Calculate Your Birthday Number

For this number we will look only at the day of your birth – so if you were born on the 31st of the month you would consider the meanings of the number 4 (the sum of 3 + 1) and also the individual digits themselves.

The only exception are master numbers which are not reduced (11 + 22). Your actual birth day number, in this example, the number 4 – will have different underlying factors dependent upon the digits it is composed of. For example my birth date of “31” or 3 + 1 will be different than someone born on the 22nd.

Birthday Number Meanings

  • Birthday Number 1: This birth day signifies natural born leaders, those with a lot of drive and initiative. One people are ambitious, hard working, and often very career focused. One people have a keen intelligence and are quick learners who are able to do things on a grand scale.
  • Birthday Number 2: Two people are very balanced and tend to be natural peace keepers and diplomats. Natural negotiators, two people dislike conflict and will work hard to make compromises that benefit everyone. Two people love to do important things behind the scenes and tend to have a good blend of both creative and analytical skills.
  • Birthday Number 3: Three people are natural artists and love to express themselves creatively in a variety of forms. Three people are inspiring and display great enthusiasm. Three people have great imagination and vision and are also sharp and able to pick up on subtle details.
  • Birthday Number 4: Four people are very hard-working and diligent. They are those who build a strong foundation and like structure and stability. Loyal and genuinely honest, four people find others trust and rely upon their quiet strength and strong common sense approach to life.
  • Birthday Number 5: Five people are your movers and shakers who long for adventure and new experience. Five people love and embrace diversity and require a lot of change to keep them motivated and inspired. Five people can be prone to carelessness at times, but their deep love of adventure and naturally keen social skills make them a joy to know – “never a dull moment” as the saying goes.
  • Birthday Number 6: Six people work hard to walk the “middle ground” in life and feel the need for balance weighing on them quite often. Naturally artistic and expressive, but highly sensitive, six people tend to be very vulnerable to criticism and require a lot of positive reinforcement in life to keep them motivated. They are naturally good at working for compromise, but have a strong sense of duty and don’t tolerate excuses or “victim” mentality in others. If they can do it – you can too is their motto, but they are always eager to extend themselves to encourage and help others find their own inner strength.
  • Birthday Number 7: Seven people are your natural born seekers and philosophers, those who seek truth and higher wisdom in all experiences. Seven people tend to have a naturally strong intuition, but often struggle with their emotions which can sometimes cloud their judgment unless they learn to work through their emotional sensitivities with honesty. Seven people are often highly intellectual as well and need to learn to balance that with their deep emotions so that they don’t become cynical or detached from others.
  • Birthday Number 8: Eight people are daring and bold, usually naturally good in business and they have a knack for making or acquiring money. Eight people are very motivated by success and are quite competitive. They are also prone to being very self-confident, practical, and efficient which lends to others trusting them with their business. Eight people are often seen as “lucky” or having lucky breaks in life – but this is typically due to a natural drive and persistence that helps them attract what they want/need for success.
  • Birthday Number 9: Nine people are compassionate, dreamy and idealistic in nature. They are highly creative and often devote themselves to life-long learning. Many people with multiple degrees will have this number, they are never “finished” or “masters” they embrace continued growth and personal expansion. Nine people are visionaries who do best when they learn to assert themselves and master their insecurities. Worldly, creative, and ever expansive, nine people often appear larger than life.
  • Birthday Number 11: People with this master number are exceptionally intuitive and are often naturally drawn to the healing arts. 11 People are compelled with a strong drive towards service to others. Highly sensitive, a dreamer, 11 people have to work hard to stay motivated and take action on their loftier goals.
  • Birthday Number 22: People with this master number are great builders and organizers. This number means you are gifted with the natural ability to not only visualize a plan but to see the actual result ahead of time. You are both a “seer and a doer” and when you properly apply yourself can see things through from start to finish with relative ease. Your perception is keen and you have the right blend of idealism and practicality that can take you far.

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  • I am Master Number 11 and my birthday actually is on the 22nd, giving me a double dose of mastery, however, with master numbers he must remember t ca be a double edged sword, one must be extra careful not to fall into the lower vibrations of their numbers, with great power comes greater responsibility- boy is that an understatement, it’s not easy, trust me! But fulfilling ones potential is so worth it

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