444 numerology meaning

This is one of many repeating numbers that I’ve dealt with throughout my life.  44 and 444 are reported by many, but what do they mean?  44 in numerology is one of the master numbers – a number that has great significance spiritually and often emotionally as well.

So, what does 44 or 444 mean? For every person, the meaning may be a bit different – as every person’s experiences differ.  From my time studying numerology and in my own experiences I view 44/444 as a wake-up call.  It means that changes are underway, there will be a period of hard work and perhaps even stress, but, in the end, it will work out well or you’ll find a blessing on the other side of the experience.

I’ll give you a couple of examples of times where I saw 44 and 444’s so much it actually spooked me.  The last time was right before my son was injured in a school bus crash as they were returning home from a field trip.  For a couple of weeks prior to this, I saw so many incidents of this number pattern; it was uncanny.

That day was like any other, except I had a nagging feeling when I sent him off to school that day.  I talked myself out of it though and off he went.  Later that day, I receive a phone call from his dad that there had been an accident and to start heading towards the area, it was unclear how serious it was, but he didn’t think it was bad.

As we made our way there, I received another phone call saying my son had experienced “multiple fractures” and was being airlifted to a Children’s trauma unit.  I was terrified and as we drove towards the hospital where they were taking him for surgery; I remember even then seeing 444’s.

Anyway, 3 surgeries and a very long summer followed, but eventually he healed and things started to go back to normal.  During that time, we had a lot of support, a lot of love around us, and we began to appreciate things we used to take for granted much more.  I saw a lot of 44 and 444 throughout the whole time and as we moved through, seeing that number began to soothe me during times I thought I would fall apart from the stress of caring for him and a 3-year-old.

I felt reassured like it was a communication from Spirit that we were being supported through this process. It helped me find my strength, so I could continue to help my son find his when he was in pain and struggling with rehab.

To this day, when I see 44 and 444 I take it as a message of support during a time of stress or uncertainty.  I have a sort of “love/hate” relationship with this number.  I know when it appears a lot; I will be dealing with something I would rather not have to contend with, but I also see it as reassurance that things are going to be ok. 

Other Interpretations of 444

Many people consider the 444 specifically to be the communication of Arch Angels who are supporting you through a period of challenge and/or growth.  It is considered a number of support and guidance, giving you reassurance that you have what it takes to meet a challenge and grow from it.

444 can be seen as a sign of encouragement when you feel conflicted or torn about what you should do.  Perhaps you are taking on a new business venture but are plagued with anxiety and self-doubt.  You start to see 444’s everywhere.  This can be a communication from the higher realms that you should continue to pursue your goal, that despite the misgivings you feel; you are indeed on the right path.

So, have you seen 444 a lot? If so, what do you feel the numbers were communicating to you?  Please share your experience in the comments.  You never know when your experience could help another person!


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