Numerology: Your Soul Urge or Heart's Desire Number

How to Calculate Your Heart's Desire Number (aka Soul Urge)

The soul urge calculation was done on the previous pagecheck there first if you need to know how to calculate it.

What is the Soul Urge Number?

This number is a reflection of the inner you, your authentic self, deep beneath the surface of your outer personality. It speaks to your true desires and motivations.

Meaning of Soul Urge or Hearts Desire Numbers Continued

  • Hearts Desire/Soul Urge Number 6: People with a 6 soul urge place more importance on domestic/family matters than career and need to feel valued and needed by others. They tend to be drawn towards service to others.

  • Soul Urge Number 7: People with a 7 soul urge are quiet and introspective. They are driven by a need for deeper understanding and are often philosophical by nature.

  • Soul Urge Number 8: People with the 8 heart's desire thrive on attaining power and wealth. They are very ambitious, goal oriented and competitive and thrive on challenge.

  • Soul Urge Number 9: This soul urge number speaks of the idealistic philanthropist who desires to build people up. They are called by a strong need to serve mankind as a whole and to nourish their communities etc.

  • Soul Urge Number 11: People with this number are the spiritual seekers who long to share their beliefs and insights with others. People with this soul urge are often compelled to minister to others or help them find their inner light.

  • Soul Urge Number 22: This master soul urge number speaks of those who can and will reach great heights. They are overachievers who thrive on excelling in their fields and bettering mankind in the process.

Soul Urge Numbers 1 - 5

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