Numerology: Your Personality Number

How to Calculate Your Personality Number

For this number we use only the consonants of your full birth name. Just as we did previously, we take each name individually and add up and then reduce the number, only this time we omit the vowels. So for the name Jane you would calculate only the numbers 1 + 5 for J and N respectively. *remember we never reduce master numbers (11,22 etc).

Pythagorean Numerology Letter Chart

Example: Jane Doe Jane = 1 + 5 = which reduces to 6 Next we take the last name Doe which has only one consanant D which = 4. The personality number here is 1 (6 + 4 = 10, reduce to 1). If you have a middle name be sure to include it as well! The numbers of each individual name can also provide some other underlying themes, but the core personality number is the reduced sum of the full name.

What is the Personality Number?

The personality number represents how you appear to others - what they pick up about you within a short time of observing or getting to know you. It is a dominant personality trait or characteristic easily picked up on or perceived by those around you.

Meaning of Your Personality Number

  • Personality Number 1: Ambitious, strong willed and determined. A natural leader who commands attention and usually rises to the forefront of the group. When they have a strong sense of purpose they are very inspiring and motivating. When they don't they can appear egotistical or attention starved.

  • Personality Number 2: Fairminded and well-rounded, two people are seen as trustworthy and reliable. People with this personality number are often asked for help by strangers or approached because they have an openness about them and a caring demeanor. Sometimes they are seen as indecisive because they carefully weigh all things before making decisions.

  • Personality Number 3: Creative and articulate, three people are seen as interesting and great story tellers. Three people seem to have a knack for finding opportunities and can always see a silver lining in the clouds. People see them as creative thinkers who sometimes get carried away or may be prone to a bit of exaggeration to highlight their point.

  • Personality Number 4: Stability and a solid foundation. People with this personality are pillars of strength who are well-organized and structured. People tend to view them as having the answers and being knowledgeable. 4 People are considered reliable and steady - sometimes a tad too predictable or serious.

  • Personality Number 5: Five personalities are community leaders who take an active interest socially and love to be involved with others. They are adventurous, highly passionate people who love to travel and immerse themselves in different cultures. Five people are seen as stimulating, interesting, but not always the most reliable or dependable. They tend to do their own thing on their own time.


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