Numerology and the Karma Number

Karma Numbers Continued

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Karming Number Meanings

The karmic number is a reflection of your subconscious and tends to point out your deepest fears and insecurities which you need to work to overcome during this lifetime. It gives some insight into your hopes and dreams as well as your fears, giving you insight into areas for personal growth. There is a difference between this and the more complicated "karmic debt" numbers in other forms of numerology. This is the simplest form I have found and I believe these numbers can still lend basic insight.

Meaning of Your Karma Number

  • Karma Number 6: The 6 karma number speaks of obligation and loyalty to family and domestic duties. People with this karma number often face challenges with certain family members and may also struggle with meeting familial obligations.

  • Karma Number 7: The 7 karmic lesson number speaks of developing more spiritually and coming to a place where you feel ready and able to seek your own truth without being swayed by the judgments of others.

  • Karma Number 8: This is the karmic card that deals with prosperity and abundance and learning to appreciate what one has been given. People with this karmic number often struggle with money in life until they learn to focus on gratitude and simple abundance, which in turn draw true prosperity.

  • Karma Number 9: This karmic number deals with learning to be more selfless and put others needs ahead of your own desires. 9 is the number of the humanitarian who is called in life to help the suffering and struggling. They often develop their empathy for others through difficult experiences of their own in life.


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